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Bad Alternator, would that make the car keep blowing fuses?

Had a friend take this neon i'm wanting to buy to my mechanic who tested it because the dealer said it kept blowing this one fuse (#10?) and when it would, it would die. Well, the car died twice while my friend was driving and he had to keep getting it jumped off and changing the fuse etc. So, the computer said there was something wrong with the starting system and the guys at the auto store checked the alternator and battery and said it was a bad alternator. So, would that make it blow the fuse and what other damage could this do?
Bad Alternator, would that make the car keep blowing fuses?
A billboard wouldn't be a bigger sign NOT TO BUY THIS P.O.S.!!!! Wake up! If it was an easy fix, the dealer would have already done it! It's junk; don't buy it!!!
Bad Alternator, would that make the car keep blowing fuses?
the voltage regulator probably went bad, and thats part of the alternator on newer (fuel injected) cars. it will weaken the battery too as it will boil the water out of it.
Modern alternators commonly have the voltage regulator built in. It is possible that the voltage regulator failed and caused the alternator to put out too much voltage.

I had this happen on one of my General Motors cars. The alternator was putting out nearly 20 volts. But there should be some indication on the instrument panel. On my car, the electrical system idiot light was on bright red.

In the Neon, an idiot light should have been on, or the voltage gage should be reading high.

There is another possibility. The circuit that keeps blowing the fuse has a short going directly to ground. This would blow the fuse. The short that keeps blowing the fuse could have also damaged the alternator. This is most likely the problem.

You need to trace the wiring on the circuit that keeps blowing the fuse and find the short. Most likely a wire chaffed. But be warned, these can be difficult to find.
I would actually steer clear of this vehicle-and it takes a lot for me for that :(. If the car runs it is not the alternator. What is popping that fuse is a short somewhere in that charging system. Electrical problems are some of the most costly repairs. My mechanic charges $75 an hour. And tracking down a short can be very time consuming (think 1-8 hours) good luck with it.
A fuse blown - caused by current and not voltage! When there is a short circuit occurs the current flowing through the fuse exceeded the rated value - resulted in a blown fuse.

If the voltage output of the alternator is set too high, the first casualty will be lighting system - the bulbs blown regularly!

Think carefully when it happened - when you operate the lighter? using the auxiliary socket? wiper? horn?.....

Never replace the fuse with a jumper wire, you may have an electrical fire in your car! Don't mess around with electricity even it is just 12 Volts!

Auto Electrical Specialist and Trainer for 30 years
you havent even bought it and your trying to fix it???? run before u make a big expensive mistake!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Replaceing a fuse! Please help! One of my fuse's went out in my town house!?

    my neighbor parties all night and is never home BUT the power supply main shut off is in his house/garage... Can I change the fuse without turning that off? What if I unplug everything in my house? I have a 2 and 4 year old with the flu and they are so scared. PLEASE HELP! I have been on hold with PG%26amp;e for over 2 hours! Will I really get fried if I change it?
    Replaceing a fuse! Please help! One of my fuse's went out in my town house!?
    you can change it without getting fried. If it is the screw in kind with a base like on a screw in light bulb, you are ok. If it is held in place by clips like in car fuse box, you should use plastic fuse pullers to remove and insert it.

    If you don't know if you can change it, then you probably don't have a spare replacement there either. Make sure you change it with the same size and rating. Normally you'd go to the hardware store to get it, but if it is late you can probably get it at a 24 hour drugstore or supermarket.
    Replaceing a fuse! Please help! One of my fuse's went out in my town house!?
    Above poster is right so don't be afraid to change it yourself as long as you are careful that you only handle the fuses and you have shoes on.

    No need to unplug stuff. It will be the same as switching off a light or the circuit it is connected to until you replace it with the good fuse. Don't be afraid because the kids will react afraid also. Relax and chill.
    If the fuse is a the type that screws in you can safely remove it by turning it counterclockwise. However, you should turn off things like lights, curlling irons, hair dryers before installing the new fuse. If changing the fuse requires you to open the electrical box exposing the wires, you should not attempt to change it. Never remove a fuse that requires the use of any tools unless you know what you are doing. You could indeed cause a short which could harm you or even kill you.

    2 days ago, my chk eng light came on. Scan tool showed code p0440, i found a fuse that was blown.?

    The fuse was the canister vent valve, exhaust oxygen sensor. The car wont start. When i changed the fuse it started, but blew again. Also the remote key does not lock or unlock the doors. Does anyone know why?
    2 days ago, my chk eng light came on. Scan tool showed code p0440, i found a fuse that was blown.?
    Sounds like a wiring issue. Anytime you replace a fuse and it blows again, that means it is not properly grounded. You'll have to find the ground that the fuse is linked too and reground it....I know, easier said than done. Replace your gas cap just to be sure. Have you noticed a stronger exhaust smell lately? Could be your emissions and need to get that fixed quick. Bad emissions kills your fuel mileage. As for the key, make sure that tiny little battery is good inside the clicker. Autozone has testers for these things so try that. Does the manual locks work? If they do then it's probably your clicker.
    2 days ago, my chk eng light came on. Scan tool showed code p0440, i found a fuse that was blown.?
    P0440 Evaporative Emission Control System Malfunction

    The fuse blowing is causing that code, but you will need to find and repair the short that is causing the fuse to blow.

    Chances are the battery in your remote is dead. Replace the battery and reprogram the remote.
    you don't have an open like the other answerer suggests. You have a short to ground. (the wire feeding power to the circuit in question has been grounded before the load, causing the circuit protection to trip, in this case a fuse)

    Your short may be in the wires feeding the vent valve or the vent valve itself. Unplug the vent valve, then replace the fuse. If it blows again, take a close look at the wires that go from the fuse block to the valve connector. One of them may be exposed and shorting to either the chassis or another wire in the harness.

    If it does not blow the fuse, see what happens if you plug in the vent valve... if it blows, you know the valve itself is faulty. There are diagnostic ways to tell if it's bad without going through fuses, but honestly, this is the easiest way to do it.

    If this vehicle has been in a recent accident, at times wire looms get crushed in the damage, and wires get pinched together. This can cause all sorts of interesting symptoms with seemingly no connection. I'd check in the area of the impact, if that's the case.

    Will Amp Power On If The Fuse Under The Hood Is Blown?

    My car stereo just stopped working, amp still powers on and speakers have little sound coming out of them. I checked the fuses on the amp, is it possible that the fuse under the hood is blown? Also I am not sure how to even change the type of fuse it takes, its is like 2 x 3 inches and is black and flat and I believe says 120a or 120 on it.... Where can I buy a replacement? And is this my problem?
    Will Amp Power On If The Fuse Under The Hood Is Blown?
    actually, it can in fact still turn on, some amps will %26quot;power up%26quot; with a ground and remote input only. In addition to this, a fuse has the ability to be %26quot;blown%26quot; to the point it will not feed all of the voltage across its element to the other side of the wire, but it sends enough to power on the amp. I have seen that happen more than once in 7 years of installing, although it is unlikely. The best idea would be to take a voltmeter to verify that there is sufficient voltage (around 12.6 or so with car off, and over 14 with car running) at the amp.

    As far as your fuse goes, it sounds like you have either an ANL style fuse or a circuit breaker. If it is the ANL, and it is in fact blown, you can buy replacements at any car audio retailer, including Best Buy, etc. If it is a circuit breaker, there will be a lever to flick that resets it, and you have nothing to buy.

    good luck.
    Will Amp Power On If The Fuse Under The Hood Is Blown?
    no it willl not turn on. something else is wrong. Thwe amp may be damaged internally.

    Tyre not inflating through cigarette lighter?

    bought a 12v tyre inflator but isn't working. Am I meant to have the engine on so power it, I assume so. Tried it with it on and off and no power to the machine, doesn't make any noise at all, have plugged it into cig lighter, switched it on and nothing. Even changed fuse and nothing. The lighter powers other things but not this. I have a citroen C3. When somebody else tried theirs it worked for 2 seconds then broke. Do Citroens not like tyre inflators for some reason????
    Tyre not inflating through cigarette lighter?
    sometimes with the sides of the jack plug being spring loaded you have to give it a Little bit more push or go back to where you purchased it and ask to try a new one it might just be faulty
    Tyre not inflating through cigarette lighter?
    plug it in again and twist the plug around till it makes contact it will start ,

    How do you change the primary battery fuse on 1998 f150?

    I changed my alternator only after 1 1/2 years of replacing it. When I put in the new one, the battery was not being charged. The guys at Advanced Auto asked me if it was a Ford. I said yes, and he told me that I could have blown the fuse. If it is the Primary battery fuse, how do I know if it is blown?? Please help, I can't drive it anywhere to have someone do it.
    How do you change the primary battery fuse on 1998 f150?
    Okay, the last time I checked, that fuse would be in a box INSIDE of the engine compartment. Look near the battery first off. There should be a black box right next to it with white lettering on it. Those are the big fuses. Once opened, there will be a list of which fuse is for what thing. Remove the fuse and go get the new one. Remember to use di-electric grease when re-installing the fuse so to make a better power connection as well as easier installation and removal if necessary.
    How do you change the primary battery fuse on 1998 f150?
    Follow the main battery wire from the alternator back to the battery.. it will go under a cover on the passenger side before it heads to the battery.. under that cover (depending upon the year, there may be two.. a outer cover and a smaller cover where you psycially see the wires going in and out of that is taped) is a 175 amp fuse... it's about a $10 fuse... it's bolted in and removal of the battery cables to replace is neccesary

    There are also a fuse from the dash to the alternator.. if that fuse is blown, it will cause same headaches...

    Third thing is, I've had bad luck with some aftermarket alternators causing alternator light to stay on even as it is charging the battery among other things...

    Check your fuses... then check the alternator.
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  • What fuse do I change to fix the cig lighter and temp controls?

    I have an 02 Chrysler Sebring. The cig lighter does not work. Also, last night the temperature controls went. I can only use the high setting when I put the heat or air on. The heater will not come on if I put it on low, medium, medium high... Nor will the lights around those setting come on. I hope it's just the fuses. Thanks
    What fuse do I change to fix the cig lighter and temp controls?
    Cig lighter and heater fan are on separate circuits.

    The symptom of a fan which works on high but not on any other speed means the resistor assembly which varies the fan speed has failed, it is mounted in the heater plenum, close to the fan motor and it will have 4 heavy wires plugged into it. They are not expensive and easy to replace, if I remember correctly on that model you will find it right in front of the glove box with the box removed or flipped down (flex it to get it past the normal stop) \

    The lights are part of the dash lighting and most likely are burned out if the other instrument lights are working normally.

    As for the cigar lighter start by checking the fuses.

    Which Fuse?

    Invest in a test light 5-10 $ at your local parts store. Using the test light check both sides of each fuse with the ignition on and the headlights on, the fuse which only lights the test light on one side is the bad one. I do not recommend the %26quot;pull and peer%26quot; method because I have encountered fuses which were physically broken but not visibly blown.

    What fuse do I change to fix the cig lighter and temp controls?
    if the fuse blew you wouldn't have any fan, you fan control probably went bad and needs replaced
    Your fuse box should have a diagram with abbreviations. Make sure you buy the fuse with the correct voltage (ex. 10,15,20 etc.)